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BRC Global Standard Food Certification

Who is this for?

The BRC Food Safety Standard can be used by any food processing operation where open food is handled, processed or packed.

Audit frequency

Frequency of inspection depends on the grade awarded. Companies attaining Grade A or B must be inspected every 12 months; those with a Grade C require inspection every 6 months.

Audit duration

We use an Audit Duration Calculator to determine how long an inspection should be. Factors such as the size and complexity of the company, the number of HACCP plans and number of people/products will all be taken into consideration but typically will be 1 - 5 days. Typically, an audit lasts two days.

BRC training days

We also offer a number of BRC certified training days including a one day conversion course, Third Party Auditor (5 days), and training on Issue 7. Please contact us using the details to the right.

Why Kiwa?

Kiwa is a 5 star rated BRC certification body, accredited to conduct inspections in all of the food sectors. We are also UKAS accredited. Audits are conducted by Kiwa’s expert assessors at competitive prices.

We also offer BRC pre-inspections so that  the requirements of the BRC standard are fully understood before an inspection takes place.

 We are approved by the BRC to deliver auditing and certification to BRC standards. We provide food certification services all around the world, and are accredited to audit a wide range of other schemes that we can schedule to take place concurrently.