EMF Surveys

Kiwa Blackwood has a dedicated EMF Survey team traveling the UK surveying the electromagnetic environments of manufacturing plants, office blocks, schools, power stations, etc.

The Health & Safety at Work Act puts a duty of care on both the employer and the employee to ensure the safety of all persons in the workplace.  Though not specifically addressed this does include exposure of all such persons to electromagnetic fields.

The 27 EC countries are required to have legislation in place which will specifically address EMF in the workplace through Directive 2004/40/EC – “minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (electromagnetic fields)”. The planned implementation date of this legislation was April 2008 but this has been delayed.



Who is this for?

Individuals, businesses and organisations who require assistance investigating the possible impact of local electromagnetic interference.

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Kiwa Blackwood Compliance Laboratories is an award winning team of compliance professionals dedicated to providing an effective, efficient and accurate testing service. Our emphasis is very much on customer satisfaction with friendliness ensuring repeat business. We make sure every test session is value for money with our expert advice throughout the process.


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