Energy Surveys

With decades of experience in solid fuel, gas and oil and more recently renewables, we have a solid combination of knowledge and practical expertise when it comes to energy. We are often commissioned by the management of unusual or complex premises keen to reduce energy costs, but not sure where to start.

By understanding exactly what uses the energy that you purchase, and how efficiently it is used, can help to identify where changes need to be made. Even small alterations can reap substantial savings, thus improving your balance sheet and minimising the impact of legislation.

An energy survey is designed to take a close look at your organisation, to work out ways of improving your energy efficiency (and lowering your bills). Our Assessor will visit your site to analyse your energy use, taking into account factors such as the fabric of the buildings and the energy requirements of your operations. We will then give you a report which identifies reasonable measures your organisation can take to reduce your energy usage, and improve your energy efficiency.

A very wide range of organisations can benefit from our energy surveys. We have helped to reduce energy bills in donkey sanctuaries, clothing retailers, holiday parks, and schools to name just a few.

If your company has an electricity bill exceeding £50000 per year, you may be eligible for a free energy survey.


Who is this for?

Companies and organisations wanting to reduce their energy bills.

Why Kiwa?

  • We respond quickly
  • We have the expertise to survey complex premises
  • We provided practical advice in plain English


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+44 (0)1242 677877

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