RHI Independent Reports for Complex Sites

We are pleased to provide a complete service for large and complex RHI sites, including production of an independent technical report allowing you to comply with Ofgem requirements.

Complicated sites are a speciality of ours and you will find our team friendly and knowledgeable.

We aim to ensure that your application is correct, complete and eligible for the RHI. It can then pass through Ofgem registration quickly and smoothly.

See www.rhiapply.co.uk for RHI advice.

Who is this for?

An independent inspection and report is required for large (greater than 1MWth) and complex sites, demonstrating that the installation has been approved by an independent competent body such as ourselves. Complex installations include:

  • Combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Any system that delivers heat by steam
  • Any system that delivers heat to more than one building and /or for more than one purpose

The report must confirm that:

  • Meters and sensors meet technical requirements, including MID compliance
  • Meters and sensors are correctly positioned
  • Meters and sensors comply with manufacturer installation instructions and other certification if appropriate
  • The supplied schematic diagram is accurate

What to do next

To book an inspection visit, or for more information please contact us.

Why Kiwa?

We are a truly independent energy advice and product testing company with over 60 years of experience in the trade.

Working regularly with Ofgem, among other Government bodies, we are well placed to help you receive your Renewable Heat Incentive quickly and smoothly and with the minimum of fuss.