CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Advice

CRC EES is a self reporting scheme aimed at very large energy users who do not fit in the catchment of EU ETS. Just like the industrial plants, offices, hospitals and schools we have been working with.
How Can We Help?

Initially, guiding you through the financial and business risk implications of your historical energy bills.

Then, very soon into the scheme you will need to be saving energy against their benchmark, in order to get allowances that mitigate the costs of the scheme (essentially you pay for a year’s energy ahead of time at the rate of 12 pounds sterling per tonne CO2 and get back some/all/more than all depending on performance).

You will also be put in a 'name and shame' league table. 5000 organisations are involved in the full scheme but 20,000 have to acknowledge that they have a need for a half hour meter (shows they might need 100A of electricity).

We can help you save energy and prepare in case the next round lowers the bar and includes you. CRC EES, like the EU ETS requires year on year improvements hence c:sense can be your long term partner and help develop and implement your strategy.

Who is this for?

Large energy users reporting emissions under the CRC EES.

Why Kiwa?

We have decades of experience in solid fuel, oil and gas, (and more recently) renewable energies.