PCDB (SEDBUK) and HARP databases

We operate the PCDB (formerly SEDBUK) database of seasonal efficiency of domestic oil and gas boilers on behalf of the UK government via its main contractor BRE. Similarly, we administer the Irish equivalent (HARP) for the Irish government via Sustainable Energy Ireland.

Our expertise in boiler testing is essential in administering these databases as the specification of each appliance must be verified by us before it can be listed, to ensure that the database is accurate.

Who is this for?

Boiler manufacturers and suppliers who want their boilers listed on the seasonal efficiency databases.

What to do next

To place a request to add a boiler to the database, please call or email us in the first instance.

There is guidance on the procedure on www.boilers.org.uk under Information for Boiler Manufacturers.

Why Kiwa?

With decades of boiler testing under our belt, we have the expertise and the laboratory equipment to test gas, oil, solid fuel and biomass boilers.