MicroCHP MCS Certification

Kiwa provides MCS certification for heat led Micro CHP (MCS 014) and electricity led Micro CHP (MCS 015) packages designed for single dwellings as the primary heating system, where the package:

  • has a thermal and electrical output of less than 45 kWt or 50 kW respectively
  • is fuelled by any of the following – second and third family gas; gas from a bespoke source; hydrogen; mineral oil; other liquid fuels, principally bio-oils; other fuels including unconventional fuels and solid fuels

Note: This scheme has some additional requirements for roof-integrated solar collectors.

Applicants must have:

  • an attributable, independently verified, energy performance report produced from the comprehensive set of test conditions detailed in PAS 67 appropriate for the intended application of the micro-cogeneration package
  • a full set of data produced from the annual energy performance evaluation method for micro-cogeneration packages recorded in the Product Characteristics Database

For more information please contact us, or complete this MCS Product Application Form