Test Rig Sales

Many of our customers have been impressed by the quality, accuracy and reliability of the test equipment we use in our own laboratories. When they asked "where can I buy one of those?" the answer was invariably, "you can't, we make them ourselves for our own use". However, one or two clients persisted and persuaded us to build them test equipment to meet their own requirements - and our bespoke equipment business was born!

So Kiwa GASTEC now sells (and to a minor extent leases) laboratory test equipment of its own design, primarily that built by its own engineers in Holland and the UK. Clients include the European Commission (PHARE fund), most of the major boiler manufacturing groups prevalent in Europe, and potential National laboratories in several pre-accession countries. Thanks to the high build-quality of our equipment, it has been very well received in the market place against some very stiff competition.

Our latest is the DIN Plus rig for testing particulates from solid fuel stoves and woodburners, required by the forthcoming ErP Directive.

Our rigs are used by manufacturers of gas, oil and solid fuel boilers, heat pumps, and electrically heated hot water cylinders.