BRC Food Certification

Kiwa Agri Food provides friendly, efficient and competent BRC certification for businesses small and large.

We are proudly a BRC 5 star rated Certification Body, with green status for all 5 grading criteria.

BRC Global Food certification is carried out against the BRC Food Safety Standard, a leading global brand recognised by thousands of customers worldwide.

It has certificated over 18,000 suppliers in over 100 countries around the globe. It was also the first Food Safety Standard to be benchmarked by the GFSI. The BRC food certification standard is designed to protect the consumer, and ensure that manufacturers and suppliers involved in the food chain meet their obligations.

BRC Global Food certification can be used by any food processing operation where open food is handled, processed or packed. This could be from primary products such as fresh produce pack houses and slaughterhouses through to processed foods, canneries and ready to eat products.

Whether you’re an established global supplier or based in an emerging market, the BRC food standard will ensure your customers have confidence in your food safety program and supply chain management. What’s more, by improving food safety, the Standard will also help you reduce waste, complaints, recalls and rejected products. You can also use your certification as a marketing tool by displaying the BRC food Standard logo on your publicity materials, stationery and website. And your business will appear on the BRC Directory too, giving you further recognition.

Each manufacturer or supplier is assessed by an accredited certification body like Kiwa, against specific safety, operational and quality criteria.  It gives food retailers, working within a highly competitive market place, legal, technical and financial advantages. Achieving the BRC food standard demonstrates to customers that the producer has robust product safety systems in place to allow for confidence in the supply of a safe, legal and good quality product.

We also certify BRC Storage and Distribution, BRC Agents and Brokers and BRC Packaging schemes.

Why Kiwa?

  • 5 star rated BRC food certification body
  • UKAS accredited
  • Audits are conducted by Kiwa’s expert assessors
  • We're competitively priced
  • We offer BRC pre-inspections
  • We provide food certification services all around the world
  • A trusted BRC Food Certification Body with a range of experts

Our Customers Say

"Kiwa PAI came with personal recommendation from some our customers as the preferred auditing body. This proved to be an excellent choice and all auditors have been professional, enthusiastic and come with a good measure of common sense! We have also used Kiwa PAI for pre-BRC audits that we use as training exercises.  I would thoroughly recommend the latter to aid the development of deputies.”

- Julia Potter, Technical Manager, T.S. Bloor & Sons Ltd.

Who is this for?

This GFSI benchmarked standard is for all food businesses whether they supply into retail, wholesale or business to business.  It covers primary processors (abattoirs, flour mills, dairies) to retail processing and packing operations.  Compliance with this standard helps ensure that your products are safe, legal and of a quality that means your customers make repeat purchases.