TASCC Certification

 Kiwa Agri Food is the certifier for the AIC Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops (TASCC). The TASCC scheme has been in place for over 10 years and aims to protect the food industry from contamination between the farm gate and delivery to the feed or food processor.

The scheme covers haulage, storage, testing and merchanting of combinable crops and/or animal feed and feed materials. TASCC comprises 4 codes of practice:

  • Road Haulage –transport of bulk combinable crops between farms, stores and food and animal feed producers
  • Storage – of combinable crops in bins and in large flat stores
  • Merchanting – Buying and selling bulk combinable crops
  • Testing – testing of combinable crops to make sure they are safe 

Customer Benefits

Kiwa Agri Food is:

Ambitious – we are a ‘can do’, innovative organisation, we aim high without overreaching ourselves
Reliable – we meet expectations, we keep promises, we maintain expertise
Engaged – Loyal, service orientated and cooperative. We work closely with customers, trade bodies, authorities and specifiers.

Haulage exclusion list

A key feature of the haulage code of practice is the Haulage Exclusion List which, as its name implies, is a list of materials totally excluded from TASCC vehicles. Lorries which have carried any material on the list are excluded from operating within the scheme at any time.   New haulage applicants must be able to provide evidence of previous use of any second hand trailers they wish to operate  in order that exclusion listed materials have not previously been carried.  

We can also conduct your RED (Renewable Energy Directive) audit. The Renewable Energy Directive is designed to ensure that EU countries achieve their targets for the use of renewable fuels and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Why Kiwa?

Availability - We answer the phone: so give us a call using the contact details to the right (or drop us an email).

Experience - Kiwa Agri Food is the most experienced UK agricultural Certification Body.

Scope - Kiwa Agri Food carries out the necessary approval work for a wide range of  feed suppliers from very small local firms to the big nationals.

Expertise - Kiwa Agri Food always carries out assessment, reporting and certification using expert assessors at competitive prices.

Speed - Kiwa Agri Food is renowned for reacting quickly and carrying out assessments at short notice.