BRC Agents and Brokers Certification

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We are proudly a BRC 5 star rated Certification Body for packaging and packaging materials, with green status for all 5 grading criteria - one of just five 5 star Certification Bodies for this scheme.

Introduced in 2014, the Global Standard for Agents and Brokers provides essential certification for companies that provide purchase, importation or product distribution services in the food and/or packaging supply chain.

Agents and brokers provide a critical link in the movement and trade of products, and influence supplier product safety and quality standards, as well as being responsible for maintaining an effective chain of traceability.
This Global Standard is designed to promote best practice on product safety, quality and the operational criteria required to fulfill obligations with regard to legal compliance and consumer protection.

The Agents and Brokers standard includes:

  • Senior management commitment
  • Hazard and risk analysis system
  • Quality Management Systems – based on the principles of ISO 9000 and including product traceability and management of recalls
  • Supplier and subcontracted service management
  • Personnel – including the training and competency

 The standard may be used by companies operating the following services:

Brokers - companies that purchase or 'take title to; products for resale to manufacturers, other brokers, retailers or food service companies but not directly to the consumer.

Agents or non-manufacturing service providers – companies that trade between a manufacturer or broker and their  customer but do not at any point own or take title to the goods. Such companies provide a range of services to facilitate the safe and legal trade of products.

Importers/exporters – companies that facilitate the movement of products across national boundaries, satisfying legal and customs requirements. Importers and exporters may also be agents and/or brokers. Imports. Importers and exporters may also be agents and/or brokers.

The standard has a scope which covers certification for the following categories of products:

  • food products, including raw materials, processed foods, and fruit and vegetables
  • food packaging materials – primary, secondary and tertiary materials, and raw materials for the manufacture of packaging materials
  • pet foods for domestic animals

The standard shall not apply to:

  • consumer products
  • livestock

 The standard shows the customer that the producer has robust product safety systems in place to allow for confidence in the supply of a safe, legal and quality product.

Customer Benefits:

Ambitious – we are a ‘can do’, innovative organisation, we aim high without overreaching ourselves
Reliable – we meet expectations, we keep promises, we maintain expertise
Engaged – loyal, service orientated and cooperative. We work closely with customers, trade bodies, authorities and specifiers

Audit frequency

All audits will be carried out at a 12 month frequency unless the number of critical and major non-conformities should necessitate a full re-audit.

Assessment duration

This depends on the size and complexity of your company but typically 1 to 1.5 days. 

Why Kiwa?

Kiwa Agri Food is fully accredited by UKAS, and approved by the BRC, to deliver auditing and certification to BRC standards. We have clients in the UK and throughout the world.

Availability - we answer the phone and respond to your email promptly: so give us a call using the contact details to the right (or drop us an email).
Experience - Kiwa Agri Food has over 20 years’ experience with the BRC, indeed we provide training to our clients on BRC schemes.
Expertise - Kiwa Agri Food always carries out the audit, reporting and certification using industry experienced, competent, friendly assessors.
Speed - Kiwa Agri Food is renowned for reacting quickly and carrying out audits at short notice.