Import and Retail Services

If you are an importer or retailer of products from the Far East, let our experts be your eyes & ears "on-the-ground."
As an importer or retailer you have to face a complicated web of regulations. On top of all that, it is crucial for your business that the delivered goods meet your expectations in terms of quality, safety and value for money.
It is entirely likely that, more than once, you may have experienced that even little issues can cause painful delays and additional costs within the total supply process.

Our market areas are:

  • Gas related products and appliances
  • Sanitary appliances and components
  • Construction and building products [including wood and solid fuel appliances]
  • Electrical and electronic products

...and the service packages we provide are:

  • Specifications review
  • Review of the (compulsory) technical file
  • Construction Review of (pre) selected model(s)
  • Initial (second party) factory audit
  • Limited compliance test
  • Full type testing and certification
  • Pre-shipment inspections
  • Focussed product audit

Who is this for?

Importers and retailers of gas related products and appliances, sanitary appliances and components, construction and building products [including wood and solid fuel appliances] and electrical and electronic products.

Why Kiwa?

We have testing facilities and technical expertise in the right locations, and we are able to provide you with a variety of services, all in order to help you to control and improve the performance of your suppliers and so to improve your sourcing process!