Energy and Carbon

Energy and Carbon


We are recognised internationally for our technical expertise and knowledge of energy usage in most of its forms: combination of solid, fuel, gas, oil and biomass as well as renewable / efficient technologies such as hydrogen, solar, wind, heat pump and m-CHP.  We work closely with government bodies and trade associations, in an advisory capacity, both at home and internationally.

We execute comprehensive and detailed field trials of several technologies (condensing boilers, m-CHP, solar thermal, controls), offering real field data to allow product development and strategic policy evidence to be gathered.

As a result of all of the data we have obtained, we have devised a whole-house simulation rig where manufacturers can compare real time performance of competing products and/or technologies for a fraction of the price of full field trials.


We can advise on your organisation's greenhouse gas emissions under CCA, EU ETS or other local or National schemes (whether voluntary or mandatory), such as The Netherland’s ‘carbon ladder’.  We also provide an independent accredited GHG verification service if you need it.