ESOS Assessment

What is ESOS?

ESOS stands for Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme, a mandatory scheme which came into law on 5th December 2015 for UK companies meeting any of these criteria:

  • employ 250+ people
  • have an annual turnover of €50 million+ (£38,937,777)
  • have an annual balance sheet of €43 million+ (£33,486,489)

You also must take part in ESOS if your company is part of a corporate group which includes another UK undertaking that meets either of these conditions.

Exemptions include Government bodies, hospitals and other public bodies. Note that universities are only exempt if less than half of their funding is from private sources (e.g. tuition fees).

If you need guidance on whether your organisation is exempt, please email accredited Lead Assessor for advice.

What does ESOS look at?

ESOS assesses your energy use as an organisation; it examines the efficiency of that energy usage, and makes recommendations for improving energy efficiency. For this reason, SMEs that do not fall under the Scheme may want to pursue ESOS compliance anyway, as implementing energy saving measures recommended by an ESOS assessor could make significant cost savings.

If an organisation falls under the ESOS scheme, it must be inspected by an approved assessor every four years. The first deadline for compliance is 5th December 2015, by which time eligible organisations must demonstrate ESOS compliance.

How to comply with ESOS?

There are several routes to compliance

  • An ESOS assessment
  • Green Deal assessment
  • Display Energy certificate

These three routes all require an assessment by an approved ESOS Assessor, who will produce a report showing your total energy consumption, and recommend energy saving measures tailored to your company.

Alternatively, an organisation can achieve ISO 50001 compliance, which meets ESOS obligations.

What happens if I don’t comply by 5th December?

ESOS is administered by the Environment Agency. Large organisations falling within the ESOS 'net' have until 5th December to demonstrate compliance, or risk a financial penalty.

How can Kiwa help with ESOS Compliance?

ESOS Assessment Gloucestershire?
ESOS Assessment Worcestershire?
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Our approved ESOS Assessors can assist your organisation with compliance by the first deadline of 5th December 2015.

We will conduct an inspection of your premises and produce a report on your energy usage. Using that information, our energy experts will make practical recommendations to help you improve your energy efficiency. Our assessors really are genuine experts, clocking up many years between them as energy consultants working in industry. Kiwa’s energy consultancy, based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, has been advising government and industry alike since the 1940s when our R and D labs were first established.

If you require an ESOS Assessor, or would like some advice on ESOS, please email or call 01242 677877.