Organisational Carbon Footprint

Accurate carbon footprint measurement is not a simple process and there are penalties for misreporting, so it's important to use an independent company with real expertise in the carbon measurement field, like Kiwa Gastec.

Toa accurately measure the carbon footprint of an organisation, the heating, hot water, business travel and processes generating emissions of either an individual site or a whole multi-site organisation.

Some organisations obtain their carbon footprint measurement and apply it perhaps to the number of items they produce, or the number of employees at the site, to provide a theoretical footprint for each unit. As CSR becomes more 'must have,' such metrics are a useful tool for business development.

Who is this for?

Organisations wanting to demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Why Kiwa?

We have built ourselves a solid reputation for high level advisory services throughout the energy industries in the UK and further afield.  

  • We respond quickly
  • We have the expertise to survey and audit complex premises
  • We provided practical advice in plain English