Emissions Reporting

As well as helping participants with compliance to Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Schemes, we also help companies and organisations develop, implement and operate methodologies for voluntary emissions reporting. 

Outside of their legal obligations, most companies are sensitive to the need to underpin their green credentials. Schemes such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (now renamed the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme) do not call for formal verification but actually use self certified data in order to create league tables to compare the performance of companies in the same market sector.

Many companies are giving extra credibility to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) statements by having their emissions and energy reductions claims independently checked by a third-party, technically based company such as Kiwa GASTEC.

Who is this for?

  • Organisations with legal emissions reporting obligations inder the EU ETS
  • Organisations wanting to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility

Why Kiwa?

We have a team of experts dedicated to carbon emissions measurement and verification.