BRC Packaging Certification

Kiwa PAI is accredited to certify the BRC global food standard for packaging and packaging materials.

In 2001, The British Retail Consortium and the Institute of Packaging launched the Technical Standard and Protocol for Companies Manufacturing and supplying Food Packaging Materials for Retailer Branded Products.   The scheme, currently in its fourth issue, was prepared with wide (UK) industry consultation to assist both retailers and food manufacturers fulfil their legal requirements to provide an adequate due diligence defence and to help improve the standards found in the food packaging industry. 

The scope of the Standard has been extended to encompass packaging for direct contact food and non direct contact food use. Three categories of packaging with regard to the standards of hygiene under which packaging is produced, have been identified. A decision tree has been produced to aid in identifying the packaging category and specific examples are also given. 

Confidence -the standard shows the customer that the producer has robust product safety systems in place to allow for confidence in the supply of a safe, legal and quality product.

Who is this for?

Retailers and food manufacturers providing for the UK market.

Audit frequency

The audit frequency has been reviewed and now all audits will be carried out at 12 month frequencies unless two or more major non-conformities are found, where the next audit shall be due in six months.

Audit duration

This depends on the size and complexity of your company but typically 1 to 1.5 days.  

What to do next

For a quick, competitive quotation please email or call us using the contact details to the right. If you would like to apply for the scheme, please complete the BRC Packaging Enquiry Form (pdf version on the right under Useful BRC Packaging Docs; or select Word (doc) version from this list).

Why Kiwa?

Kiwa PAI offers certification of companies to the BRC/IoP Packaging Standard throughout the world. Our fully qualified Assessors have worked in the food/food packaging industry and have been selected and trained to provide a practical and logical style of assessment.

Availability - we answer the phone: so give us a call using the contact details to the right (or drop us an email).

Experience - Kiwa PAI was amongst the first certification bodies to be involved with the BRC. Indeed we provide training to our clients on BRC schemes.

Expertise - Kiwa PAI always carries out the assessment, reporting and certification using expert assessors at competitive prices.

Speed - Kiwa PAI is renowned for reacting quickly and carrying out assessments at short notice.