Red Tractor Meat Processing Scheme

Kiwa PAI carries out Red Tractor Meat Scheme assessment, reporting and certification using expert assessors at competitive prices.

The certification allows you to become licensed to use the Red Tractor Logo. This ensures that your customers and consumers recognise the systems of assurance present throughout your food supply chain. A successful assessment by Kiwa PAI will ensure that your certificate is issued by a widely respected and recognised certification body using highly experienced assessors. 

Benefits of the Scheme

  • A specific standard for your sector:
  • enables the use of the Red Tractor Logo for assured products
  • Enables supply of meat to packers using the Red Tractor Logo
  • Accepted and often required by the UK Retailers
  • A robust challenge to your systems
  • A demonstration of your assurance systems for hygiene and welfare
  • A valuable marketing tool giving access to higher value lines 

Confidence – the Scheme allows the customer to sell and market products using the Red Tractor logo, giving their customers confidence that the meat has been supplied from an assured scheme with full traceability back to the farm.

Assessment Content

  • System Management plans
  • Good Hygiene Practice
  • Specific abattoirs clauses covering animal welfare, transport, training, traceability, purchasing, lairage activities, cleaning and sanitation, maintenance, temperature control, handling and storage and welfare at slaughter
  • Specific for cutting plant clauses for cutting and packing plants covering labeling, product transport, temperature control, contingency plans
  • Pork quality module  

 The scheme is owned by the Assured Food Standards and replaces the former ABM Abattoir, Cutting and Packing plant scheme. 

Who is this for?

Operators involved in the slaughter of assured pigs, cutting of assured pork, chicken and turkey, manufacture of assured pork sausages or slicing and handling of assured cooked meats.

What to do next

For a quick, competitive quotation please email or call us using the contact details to the right. If you would like to apply for the scheme, please complete the Red Tractor Meat Processing Enquiry Form (pdf version on the right under Useful Docs; or select Word (doc) version from this list).

Why Kiwa?

Kiwa PAI is a widely respected and recognised certification body using only assessors who are highly experienced in your industry sector.

Availability - We answer the phone: so give us a call using the contact details to the right (or drop us an email).

Experience - Kiwa PAI is a very experienced UK Certification Body.

Expertise - Kiwa PAI carries out the assessment, reporting and certification using expert assessors.

Speed - Kiwa PAI is renowned for reacting quickly and carrying out assessments at short notice.