Meat Claims and Origin Labelling Scheme

The scheme is an independent verification of meat product claims so they can give customers confidence in product claims and demonstrate due diligence to relevant enforcement agencies. The scheme is based on the former Beef Labelling Scheme but has been extended to all species and covers the following claims*:

  • Origin (both EU member state labelling and local/regional claims)
  • Breed (pedigree and cross)
  • Method of production (e.g. ‘grass fed’, ‘grainfed’, ‘outdoor’)
  • Maturation (e.g. dry aged)

Note that the scheme is not intended to cover statutory or other certification schemes such as organic, protected food name (PDO/PGI) or Red Tractor.

Audit frequency

All audits will be carried out at a 12 month frequency unless the number of non-conformities should necessitate a full re-audit within 28 days.

Assessment duration

This depends on the size and complexity of your company but typically 1 day. The verification audit can be combined with BRC Global Food Standard and or Red Tractor Meat Processing to reduce costs and time on site

Why Kiwa?

  • Availability - we answer the phone: so give us a call on 01423 878878
  • Experience - Kiwa PAI was amongst the first certification bodies to be involved with the BRC. Indeed we provide training to our clients on BRC schemes.
  • Expertise - Kiwa PAI always carries out the assessment, reporting and certification using expert assessors at competitive prices.
  • Speed - Kiwa PAI is renowned for reacting quickly and carrying out assessments at short notice.