Gas Appliance Testing

Our gas appliance test engineers are happy to look at any gas-fired appliance and advise on its compliance with the appropriate European directives:

  • The Gas Appliance Directive (GAD - applies to almost all gas-fired appliances except some industrial applications, and in April 2018 will become the Gas Appliance Regulation (GAR).
  • The Boiler Efficiency Directive (BED) -  applies to all domestic boilers (up to 70kW)
  • The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) - applies to all gas-fired appliances carrying electrical components or controls
  • The Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) - again, applies to all gas fired appliances containing electronics
  • The ErP (Energy Related Products) Directive. In addition to the efficiency data confirmed under the BED/GAD, the ERP will also require proof of tapping cycles

We provide gas appliance testing for:

Fires & stoves   Heaters [radiant, overhead, patio, tabletop]   Cookers   BBQs   Boilers   mCHP Camping equipment     Water Heaters   Catering equipment   Fuel cell mCHP   Sterling engine mCHP

As well as gas appliance testing, we also provide audit and product surveillance services, including assistance with establishing quality management procedures. 

Our engineers can test gas appliance components in isolation, or as part of the appliance - pipes & fittings, valves, burners, manifolds, fans, flue terminals and switches. 

Where no standard exists, we can carry out a risk assessment or create a meaningful performance assessment method for your gas appliance.

 We are also able to help you with approvals for North America. However, we always stress that this can be a complicated and costly set of approvals.

Gas appliances are designed to operate with gas of a specific composition. The composition varies between countries. This 'Wobbe card shows the composition range for European countries. And here is our popular Gas Comparison card which contains useful information about hydrogen, methane, town gas and LPG.

"The service for our gas testing has been excellent. James and Shoki are very approachable and helpful."

Why Kiwa?

Since the early 90s we have been operating a gas appliance testing laboratory and now test the majority of gas fires, a significant proportion of gas boilers and a wide range of other gas-fired appliances on behalf of manufacturers and Trading Standards Officers and other governmental bodies.
Whilst we always apply the highest technical rigour to all that we do, indeed our UKAS accreditation demands this, we pride ourselves on bringing client-focus and confidentiality to all stages of your products development towards full compliance.
Many manufacturers benefit from our pre-test capabilities and, increasingly, involve us in early development stage testing. This is of particular benefit for emerging technologies where new standards are constantly being developed.