Standards and Compliance

Standards and Compliance

Compliance is a serious business. If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, the products you make/sell must comply to the rules of the country you are selling to. There are standards for most products, which your product must meet. Occasionally new products come along for which there is no standard. In this case the manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer should demonstrate compliance by commissioning an independent product risk assessment.

The Energy Related Products Directive is currently attracting attention but manufactureres must comply with all relevant legislation. 

We often get involved in Market Surveillance. Trading Standards Officers refer to us on product-related issues (usually quality or fitness-for-purpose). Similarly we perform investigative testing for the NMO and various consumer organisations. Our Audit Testing service allows wholesalers and retailers to rest assured that their goods are safe and fit for purpose. Our Retail and Import Services are designed to reassure importers and retailers about quality issues related to products from the Far East.

Every week, products are recalled that have made it to market but without the appropriate testing. The Recalled Products website gives details of UK and European recalls. Interesting reading also at

Food, feed and farm certification has a high profile as consumers are more interested than ever in knowing what is in the the food they eat.

We have experienced staff and appropriate equipment to apply the relevant standards. Whether you simply need some friendly informal advice or comprehensive testing, we can help.

Science is at the very heart of what we do and often the spirit of the Directives we work to are based upon sound scientific principles guided by interpretations within a range of standards (British, European, American, International).  Not only are we able to provide appliance manufacturers with a complete service leading to compliance, but we are multi-disciplinary across a range of fuel types (gas, oil, biomass, electricity, water, renewables etc). This makes us pretty special in the world we operate in – we can ‘join up’ the various requirements of Standards/Norms/Directives to ensure that manufacturers are fully able to discharge their responsibilities within their marketplaces.

Here's what the Government department BIS says about Innovation Standardisation.