MCS 012 Pitched Roof Mounting Kit Certification

For MCS PV installations on pitched roofs, from 2nd May 2016, use of MCS 012 certificated pitched rood installation kits has been mandatory. This includes the use of the data supplied with the certification to undertake the relevant calculations.

Solar PV panels installed correctly above non-flammable roof coverings should not affect the fire performance of the roof. However, in-roof installations may affect the roof’s overall fire performance so that it is not compliant with regulations. The main change in issue 2.1 relates to fire rating for the external spread of flame for in-roof installations.

If you produce pitched roof installation kits but haven't yet got MCS 012 certification, or have allowed your certification to lapse, please get in touch to see how we can help.

Pitched Roof Installation Kit testing is offered by Kiwa BDA