Product Surveillance

Product surveillance must be performed by a Notified Body such as Kiwa GASTEC. It is a requirement of the Gas Appliance and Boiler Efficiency Directives, and is designed to ensure ongoing compliance by comparing production models against the technical details of the original test model.

Any gas product distributed in Europe falls under the Gas Appliance Directive, and so by law must be type tested and have ongoing product surveillance performed. 

We perform type testing for many of our product surveillance clients prior to being commissioned for their ongoing product surveillance, but of course we are pleased to carry out product surveillance for new customers too.

Who is this for?

Retailers of boilers and other gas appliances destined for the European marketplace.

Why Kiwa?

With our unrivalled experience in product testing and our knowledge of a wide range of fuels and appliances, and of course being a Notified Body, we are an obvious choice to conduct product surveillance.