Asda AA Audit

The AA audit is specific to sites that manufacture own label products for supermarket chain Asda.  The audit is intended as a ‘bolt on’ module to the BRC Global Food Standard audit.  There isn’t currently a bolt-on module for the BRC Storage and Distribution standard.  Pet food suppliers are also excluded from the Asda ‘AA’ module.

When is this needed:

If you manufacture Asda branded food products and have BRC Global Food Certification, then this audit will be undertaken at the same time as your BRC unannounced audit.  Kiwa Agri Food can offer this audit from February 2015.  The audit will be conducted annually.

 What to do next:

You should already have heard from ASDA about the ‘AA’ audit module.  When we undertake your BRC Global Food audit, we will also conduct your Asda ‘AA’ module bolt on.  Asda have advised that this will add an additional 2-4 hours to the BRC audit, depending on the food categories and nature of operation.  Let us know you are an Asda supplier and we will include this module.

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