Building Products Chemical Analysis

Kiwa CMT Testing is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory (No. 0529) for this scope of accreditations

Routinely Kiwa CMT Testing is involved with sampling and on-site investigation relating to construction and development, including contaminated land issues, problems such as sulphate attack and other deleterious reactions, the presence and conditions of H.A.C. concrete, failure of materials (e.g., floor screeds, renders, plasters and cementitious coatings). Analyses are carried out to the highest quality standards and include: 

Concrete: Determination of cement, alkali oxide, chloride ion, sulphate and GGBFS content of hardened concrete to BS1881, water/cement ratio, HAC presence, petrographic analysis.

Mortars, Screeds & Plasters: Mix proportion analyses of mortars, screeds and plasters, chloride and sulphate content and other chemical analyses to BS 4551.

Soils & Ground Waters: Organic matter content, pH value, Sulphate content to BS 1377. Testing and analysis of topsoil to BS 3882.

Aggregates: Water soluble chloride salts, Total sulphate, Water soluble sulphate to BS EN 1744-1, Acid soluble material to BS 812.

Organic contaminants: Rapid on-site testing of contaminated land providing identification of the location, nature and concentration range of petroleum hydrocarbons, PAHs, PCBs, BTEX etc. This is a valuable aid to effective removal of contaminants during remedial works.

Why Kiwa?

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