Certification of TPE pipe joint seals for non-pressure waste water (BRL 2020)

The evaluation guideline BRL 2020 includes all relevant requirements on the basis of which Kiwa will handle applications for certification and the issuing of KOMO product certificates for TPE pipe joint seals for non-pressure waste water applications.
The certification scheme applies to seals made of solid thermoplastic elastomers. It is also possible to grant a certificate on the TPE raw material, which can be combined later with a TPE seal certificate.

Who is this for?

Kiwa carries out certifications and inspections of TPE seals for manufacturers of TPE compounds and TPE products, distributors and traders.

When is this needed?

For non-pressure waste water applications. 

What to do next

For more information please contact Product Manager Monique Beltman (tel +31 70 4144554, monique.beltman@kiwa.nl), or rubber@kiwa.nl, or our local Kiwa office in your country.
For a direct quotation please fill in and submit the Application Form Rubber.

Why Kiwa?

For the quality assurance of rubber products you can rely on the services of Kiwa. We have certification schemes for drinking water, waste water, hot water, chemical liquids as well as gas applications.

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