EN 681-1 Elastomeric seals

EN 681-1. Elastomeric seals. Material requirements for pipe joint seals in water and drainage applications. Part 1: vulcanized rubber


The harmonized European standard EN 681-1 describes the requirements for elastomeric seals in vulcanized rubber in joints for water piping systems. The European Regulation for Construction Products demands these seals to comply with this standard and CE-marking is obligatory. For drinking water applications there is additional legislation in each European member state.
The EN 681-1 is often used as a reference for the formulation of requirements for rubber parts in assembled products. For the certification of assembled products one can refer to exsisting Kiwa evaluation guidelines to assure the application of certified rubber parts. The standard EN 681-1 often is used for the setting up of requirements to rubber parts in assembled products. For the certification of assembled products the exsisting Kiwa evaluation guidelines can be applied in order to assure the use of certified products.

Kiwa can serve you with the certification of vulcanized rubber seals in the following water applications:
The KIWA certificate for seals in drinking water applications
evaluation guideline BRL K17504.
The KOMO certificate for seals in non-drinking water applications
evaluation guideline BRL 2013.
For the German market Kiwa MPA Bautest serves the MPA approvals and inspections for rubber seals in waste water piping systems, based on EN 681-1.
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Who is this for?

Kiwa carries out certifications and inspections of rubber seals for manufacturers of rubber compounds and rubber products, distributors and traders.

Why Kiwa?

For the quality assurance of rubber products you can rely on the services of Kiwa. We have certification schemes for drinking water, waste water, hot water, chemical liquids as well as gas applications.

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