Coal Tar Testing

We test coal tar. Coal tar is a hazardous material, which before 1980 was used in road construction and maintenance processes.

Site investigations are essential prior to any work being carried out that may involve the excavation of materials containing coal tar.  Assessment of materials will not only classify them but provide a rationale for disposal and reuse, saving money and time as well as preserving environmental health and safety issues within a sustainable framework.

It is essential that testing is carried out to:

  • Identify the composition of the material in question
  • Determine whether or not it is hazardous
  • Assess the material for safe disposal or re-use

 The presence of coal tar can have major implications for a construction project due to the health and safety issues posed by handling the material as well as the additional cost that comes with the removal and disposal of a potentially hazardous waste. Early identification, via site investigation, is vital in reducing costs and delays and implementing suitable solutions.

We are a UKAS accredited testing laboratory (No.0529) for this scope of accreditations.

Who is this for?

Anyone involved in excavation works where Asphalt Waste Containing Coal Tar (AWCCT) is present e.g. local authorities.

Why Kiwa?

 We respond quickly, we are experts in our field, we are competitively priced, and the results of our investigations are put into clear, detailed, informative reports.