Rubber, physical-mechanical-chemical testing

If you are looking for possibilities and facilities to test your rubber materials and products, then Kiwa is the right partner for you. We offer a wide range of mechanical tests, testing of the chemical resistance and analytical tests. Most of our laboratories have an EN-ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.


Mechanical and physical properties

  • hardness, tensile properties under strain, compression and shear
  • compression set, tension set
  • stress relaxation
  • permeability of gasses and liquids
  • ageing in hot air

  • other


Chemical resistance

  • ozone resistance
  • resistance against water, oil, (bio)fuels, gas condensates, reference liquids, liquid chemicals


Chemical and physical analysis

  • Rubbers, composition of rubber compounds, fillers, plasticizers, accelerators, antioxidants
  • Analytical thechniques: FT-IR, DSC, TGA, GC-MS, REM-RMA


Testing of rubber products

  • O-rings and other sealing rings, profiles, bearings, valve seats, fenders, membranes, liners

Who is this for?

Kiwa carries out investigations for manufacturers of rubber compounds and rubber products, distributors and traders, designers, manufacturers and constructors of installations and equipment, maintenance and asset management, end users of rubber products.

When is this needed?

Investigation and testing of the properties of rubber materials and products is important for the choice of the right rubber material for a new product, for the evaluation of the product quality for purchase or change and for the cause analysis of possible failures.

What to do next

For more information, please feel free to contact our Rubber Team consultants,
tel +31 70 4144555 or  

Why Kiwa?

For the quality assurance of rubber products you can rely on the services of Kiwa. Besides certification schemes we can offer you technical support. You can call our rubber specialists of the Expert Centre Polymers for questions about service life, failure analysis and laboratory test services.