Solar PV Plant Optimisation

Solar PV Plant Optimisation

There have been big movements in the Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) market over the last decade.

The markets of the Far East and the USA have overtaken Europe for new installations of solar kit. Europe presents a more mature secondary market, where maintenance and calibration of existing installations are required. Issues range from broken or weakened components and burn damage to poor installation and ineffective products.

 Kiwa’s PV Doctor is a quality assurance service for installed solar PV plants to help address these problems. It is a dedicated Due Diligence offering for component manufacturers, plant owners, installers, energy managers, law firms, O&M contractors and other companies involved in the secondary solar market. It enables you to monitor energy production more accurately, to check the quality of incoming goods through In-line Inspections at the manufacturer side, and indeed to ensure that the plant is performing well. Also, by identifying repairs that make the plant generate electricity more efficiently, the service can also save money.

Our quality control on installed plants includes:

  • Plant Performance Ratio
  • Snail trail effect on PV modules
  • Hot spot issues
  • Electroluminescence testing
  • Thermographic inspection using drones
  • Potential Induced Degradation effect
  • Light Induced Degradation effect
  • ISO 17025 Laboratory Program for the evaluation of the single components


PV Plant Monitoring Systems Calibration

We also provide on-site calibration for reference cells, pyranometers and other sensors. This is a popular service with many advantages:

  •  An accurate picture of the energy production of the PV plant
  • An understanding of the environmental conditions the plant is subjected to
  • The assurance of a global, independent organization with accredited ISO 17025 labs and PV experts
  • The confidence of accurate data for those involved in the Due Diligence (banks, law firms
  • No data acquisition downtime – no need to remove components from the PV plant to send away for calibration
  • No shipping costs for sending components to calibration labs