Groundwater Testing

Kiwa CMT tests groundwater for the construction and water distribution industries.

The requirement for Groundwater testing can be far reaching and the need for it can be for based in the environmental or the geotechnical camp to qualify or quantify issues relating to construction, distribution or infrastructure. With a range of use-specific criteria being stipulated it can often be difficult to complete an exhaustive list of available testing but certainly a non-exhaustive list of testing types can be provided.

Here at Kiwa CMT Testing we commonly provide services to the construction and water distribution industries with regard to the following:

  • Groundwater & Ground Gas Monitoring Pipe Installation by a range of techniques
  • Piezometer Installation
  • Automated Groundwater Datalogging
  • Traditional Groundwater Level Monitoring Services
  • Groundwater Sampling
  • Chemical & Biological Demand Testing
  • Bacteriological Testing
  • Dissolved Oxygen, Dissolved Solids & Suspended Solids Testing
  • pH, Sulfate Testing and Anion Testing
  • Conductivity Testing
  • Contamination Testing
  • Free and Total Chlorine, Chloride and Fluoride Testing
  • SVOC and VOC Testing
  • Hydrocarbon Analysis
 We are a UKAS accredited testing laboratory (No.0529) for this scope of accreditations.